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Artistry Bundle

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This bundle includes:

1 x L Curl Lashes Mix Tray 9mm-14mm

1 x Chocolate Lashes Mix Tray 9mm-14mm

1 x CC Curl Mini Mix Tray 9mm-14mm

1 x 10D Pro Fans Tray Mix 9mm-14mm

Lash Artists are exactly what the title says... An artist! Every time you create a lash set you're customizing a specific style to your client based on trend, eye shape, age, profession, etc. Lash extensions are not a one size fits all! Get creative and unleash your inner artist with our Artistry Bundle. 

Our chocolate lashes are the perfect shade of brown for client's who are searching for a more natural and subtle look. These dark brown lashes are best suited for brunettes and blondes. These are made of silk, giving clients the look and feel of real lashes while also being lightweight to prevent damage to the client's natural lashes. Soft and flexible making them super comfortable on the eye!

The L-curl is ideal for clients with straight lashes, deep set eyes or hooded eyelids! They have a straight base that allows for a longer bonding surface which will improve retention. Give your clients the glamorous, sexy look they deserve. With more of an angle than a curl these lashes will give the eyes an instant lift and open up the eye. Step outside of your comfort zone and get creative with the hottest trend in the industry! BONUS: These lashes come in the most elegant, jaw-dropping packaging.

The best things come in small packages! Our Mini Tray comes in CC curl which is the perfect in-between curl and quickly increasing in popularity in the lash industry! CC curl is the ultimate balance between drama and natural beauty. Our lashes allow you to build fans with all techniques and create perfect fans every time. Its uniform structure helps to build beautiful fans quicker. 

Pre-made fans that have already been created for you and placed into our magical tray ready to pick up and use! 240 hand crafted 10D pre-made fans made of high quality soft PBT fiber that provides an ultra lightweight and long lasting wear! The curl lasts up to 6 months. Great for a faster application for clients who cannot lay down for up several hours and a life saver for beginner lash technicians who are still trying to perfect their isolation and placement before mastering how to fan. One less thing to worry about! Every single fan is symmetrical and evenly spaced to give a beautiful look that is also weight balanced.

  • 240 pre-made fans per tray.
  • 10D handcrafted fans.