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Adhesive Bundle

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This bundle includes:

1 x Power Bond Glue

1 x Box Nozzle Wipes 

1 x Mixing Wand

With our specially designed adhesive wipes you can clean your nozzle tip with ease. With it's special technology it allows you to clean without catching and causing a reaction to your adhesive. Stop tossing your adhesive in the trash before it needs to be! 

To get the most out of your adhesive it needs to be shaken vigorously to ensure the ingredients are mixed. Make your job easier and eliminate hand and wrist pain by using our Mixing Wand. Steady hands are essential to performing your job and the movements you perform repeatedly can lead to pain, cramps and even carpal tunnel or tendinitis. Our essential tool is here to improve retention, reduce stress on your arms and save you time and energy! Poorly mixed adhesive = poor lash retention. This is the secret weapon to ensure all the ingredients in your adhesive are well blended for optimal results! All it takes is 20 seconds. It is compatible with other adhesives and comes with interchangeable nozzles. 

Sorellelash Power Bond Glue is designed just right! If you're looking for a lash adhesive that will keep your clients' lashes looking great all the way up to their next appointment then our Power Bond Glue won't disappoint. Our adhesive has been formulated to provide the best performance. It has a fast drying time of 1-2 seconds. It's strong and long lasting providing ideal retention. 


76% Ethyl-2-Cyanoacrylate, 9% Alkoxy-2-Cyanoacrylate, 7% Polymethyl Methacrylate, 5% Carbon Black, 3% n-Butyl 2-Cyanoacrylate

  • Shelf life: unopened - 5 months, opened - 4 weeks
  • Adhesive Color: Black
  • Viscosity: Thin
  • Fume level: Low
  • Bottle Size: 5 ml
  • Retention: 6-8 weeks
  • Ideal Environment: 18-23°c & 30-70% humidity
  • Storage: Store opened adhesive in a dry, cool & dark place with silica gel
  • Made in small batches for BEST quality
  • Strong and quick drying