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This bundle includes:

1 x Nano Mister

1 x Blade-less fan

1 x Isolation tool

1 x Mini Foldable Mirror

Our Isolation Tool can cut your application time in half without sacrificing QUALITY, LASH HEALTH & ARTISTRY. By using our Isolation Tool you can improve your lash speed to increase your dollar per hour! How does it work? This tool has reusable pads used to divide and isolate the layers of your client’s natural lashes. It will create space between the natural lashes making application easier! The tiny indents on the pad will grip neighboring lashes & keep them out of the way giving you a clear view of the isolated lash. Whether you are a beginner or a pro this tiny gadget will be beneficial in reducing your application time and increasing productivity and profitability. We highly recommend you master this new method and take some time to practice! This tool may need double sided tape for some eye shapes to stay in place.

Our innovative & unique Blade-less Fan is the safest fan yet and the perfect addition to your trolley! Fan each eye for 30-60 seconds before letting the client open their eyes as this will remove adhesive vapors.

Check out your clients lash line with this perfectly sized hand mirror and reveal the finished look to your clients with a glamorous mirror! Using our mini mirror during your application will help you see all of the angles of the set before you start taking those eye-pads off! Monitor the shape of your set and detect any lashes that didn’t go on correctly, some things cant be seen from the artists angle but our mini mirror can help.

Our nano mister is petite, cute and portable. Our nano mister produces a micro mist that will provide the perfect balance of moisture. We recommend to use it for 3-5 seconds per eye. You can use it at the end of every service to soothe the eyes and accelerate the curing time. Great for clients with sensitive eyes! Have your clients open their eyes refreshed and reduce eye irritation or redness. 

  • Recommended usage: 10 inches from eyes
  • Aiding in efficiently and effectively curing the eyelash extension adhesive
  • Easy to use
  • Device has a convenient screw off water port and one button for easy ON/OFF controls
  • Fill with distilled water